Something Catchy


Bailey Anderson, Writer

Student, Zack Almond, goes hunting in different countries.

What countries have you been to?

“The U.S. and Argentina, Costa Rica”

What animals do you hunt/fish?

“Deer, doves, raccoons,turkey, squirrels, ducks, and whatever bites”

What is the best hunting experience you’ve had?

“Going to Argentina, because ducks are my favorite animal to hunt and that’s what we went there to do. Ducks [are my favorite] because they are more challenging to shoot than a deer.”

What is the best fishing experience you’ve had

”Going to Costa Rica because I had a lot of fun fishing, and I caught a lot of fish. The fish are harder to catch in Costa Rica than they are here.”

What is your favorite fish to catch?

“Sailfish in Costa Rica, because they are really hard and fun to catch. They are hard to catch because they are over 100 pounds. I have caught 15 of them.”

If you could what place would you go back to?

“Argentina, because I like hunting ducks and there’s a lot of stuff to shoot there. Hunting in Argentina is different than hunting here because there is way more ducks over there than here.The thing I miss most is getting to go hunting every day and not having to go to work.”