My Opinion On The Declining Number Of Football Players In High School


Giordan Whitsett, Writer

In past years, there have been many football players and many people wanting to play football. The impact of head to head contact has caused many players to not be encouraged play anymore. The past players have said time and time again how those big hitters will make you not want to play ever again, and then you get back up dust the dirt off your back and go right back in. But that’s just the love for the game of football at the end of the day. Nowadays those high numbers are beginning to drop by big margins. In the last year the number of people playing football in high school has dropped 7%, which might not seem to be a lot, but it actually is.

The big reason for this drop over the years is because fear of concussion in players. Whether it’s the parents or the athlete himself, athletes are wrapped up in what the media is saying about the sport and how it can be potentially dangerous. This is causing many parents to not let their kids play the sport in fear of them getting hurt or just the athlete trying to watch out for themselves and not try to get hurt. Sites like “Science News For Students,” and “Reuters”  does show though how an athlete takes multiple hits and over time will have head trauma from all the hitting. This could also cause many more things to happen to the brain such as messed up cells and even aggression and dementia in past players as reported by Reuters.

Personally I think the sport is becoming safer throughout all leagues of it, whether it’s recreational football or professional football. An example of that would be how they are cracking down on the helmet policy and are now making new helmets that are safer and that absorb the contact with newer style of padding in the helmets and newer designs to helmets that provide more cushion when a player is hit instead of letting the person wearing the helmet take most of the damage. They are also enforcing the head to head rule in football nowadays stating that if players do it could be a penalty in a game or if players are seen as targeting another player, players could potentially get fined if  they are professional or get kicked out of the game in any league.

So, personally I understand the concern for not wanting to play football but at the same time, I also believe that the game is becoming safer over the years. So I hope that the number of football players rise after this year since we are having a rising number of safety precautions being taken to ensure the safety of all the athletes who play multiple levels of football, whether your in recreational league or the NFL.