Fellowship for Christian anyone, not just athletes

FCA offers opportunities for students to share their faith, all students not just athletes


Students were on a Bible scavenger hunt for National Bring Your Bible to School Day. Photo By Shannon Weaver

Shannon Weaver, Writer

Imagine studying faith in a room full of other people who believe in the same religion.   This happens every Friday, first lunch in room 609 and second lunch in room 614. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  FCA is open to any students who want to learn more about Christian faith or share their faith with others.

Students Listen to Sylvia Alexander preach as they read along in their Bibles. Photo By Shannon Weaver 

See You at the Pole took place on the football field and was held on September 26  Students prayed for school, students, teachers, military, people struggling, churches, missionaries, nation, community, and non-believers.

Students are allowed to freely pray at school, and participate in religious clubs and activities, while some may feel this is a violation of the first amendment.

According to the Nation Coalition Against Censorship The first Amendment guarantees of religious liberty include the freedom to believe or not to believe, and to observe one’s faith openly without government interference.

The Gospel Coalition says that students have the right to pray at school, talk about God in class assignments, and start a religious club on campus that receives the same rights as other sources and clubs.

Sean Saville, Senior and Andrew Hanson, Sophomore are looking for a certain verse in a Bible scavenger hunt. Photo by Shannon Weaver

Ashlyn Wages supports the opportunity to establish religious clubs.

“I think that [religious-based activities are] super cool because it gives people a place and somewhere where a lot of people feel safe [to share their faith] but at the same time I feel like if there’s gonna be a [club] for certain group of people then there should be opportunities for other people to have groups like that,” Wages said.

See You at the Pole was followed by National Bring Your Bible to School Day on Thursday, Oct. 4. Students that go to FCA on a regular basis met during lunch, read their bibles as they listened to Sylvia Alexander. They also took part in a bible scavenger hunt.

Tyler Alonzo, Junior, believes studying the Bible with other believers can grow student’s faith.  

The students are able to pray understand God more, and [they] have more faith in what they do because they know God’s on their side,” Alonzo, said.

Another event sponsored by FCA was 5th quarter after the football game on Friday, Oct. 5. This event is allowed students to play basketball, volleyball, and hear from Joey Farrington.

Students enjoy some Volleyball during 5th quarter. Photo By Shannon Weaver 

Michelle Chilson, Junior, thinks social activities benefit  students.

“I think [religious social events are], a great way to meet people, get to know each other, and share your faith,” Chilson, said.

The most recent FCA event was Fields of Faith, which was held on Tuesday, Oct. 9, on the football field. During this event students played games, listened to student- led music by Sarah Hanson and Layla Duszynski, and message by guest speaker Matt Boss.

FCA’s next event is sometime in November there will be a movie night. Anyone can come if they are interested in going, more information will be announced later. 

Dalton Reeves, Senior says that as students we have the free exercise clause, and personally he thinks that he has the right to speak freely about his religion.

“[The] Free exercise clause [is a right I have as a student] , and me personally I feel like I have rights to whatever I want to say, whatever I want to speak so, if anybody challenges me about my faith or ask me about my faith I’m going to openly talk about it,” Reeves, said.