Sound Asleep and More Prepared

Teachers have the opportunity to develop productive lessons while students have more time to rest.

Lynsey Smith, Journalism 1 student

Many students got to sleep in on Apr. 10 as Kershaw County School District began its new late start program. Every Wednesday there will be a 30 minute delay to school schedules. For all teachers to participate in professional development. This change could help students get a little extra sleep, decrease stress and improve grades and test scores (Atlantic).

Some teachers believe that it is too late in the year to add late start into the schedule, but teachers like Raymond Jennings will look forward to this professional development.

“Late start will benefit me because I’ll be better adjusted. I’ll be a better planner and get a chance to talk to other teachers about problem students,” Jennings said.

This extra time will also benefit the students.

“Anytime you allow adults to have more professional development, it allows us to plan across the curriculum”, Jennings said.

While students may benefit from having teachers who are more prepared, not all students will be getting the extra sleep.

Car riders and students who drive to school can take advantage of late start but, bus riders will not receive that extra time because buses will continue their regular schedule. Freshman, Kahmari Jackson finds this unfair.

“If it is called late start, I shouldn’t have to wake up at the same time as I do on a regular day, 5 a.m,” Jackson said. “I feel like this whole new schedule is mainly just for teachers to have a meeting once a week. I don’t think it is really for the students. I think the time should be increased to an hour so that way it could possibly be more effective for all students.”

According to Bus Director Mr. John Clinton,The bus routes remain the same so all students can get to school on time.

Meanwhile, students who like the idea of late start being added to the system, look forward to multiple benefits of the late start.

“I think the biggest impact late start will have on me is that I don’t have to get up as early,” Faith Youngblood,freshman, said. “I’ll be less stressed because I won’t have to worry about not getting enough sleep, and it has the potential to improve  my grades because I’ll have more time to get my homework done on Tuesday nights instead of having to worry about getting to sleep at a decent time.”

According to American Academy of Pediatrics External not enough sleep can be associated with physical and mental health problems such as being overweight, use of alcohol/drugs, as well as poor academic performance.

According to, In more than 40 states, 75% of schools start later than 8:30 a.m. This schedule allows their students to get enough sleep.

However, Aubrey Rabon,sophomore, doesn’t believe the extra sleep is beneficial.

“The late start schedule will not affect me,” Jackson said. “I still have to wake up super early, and I am going to be more tired now that I have to sit in the cafeteria an extra 30 minutes.”

“We don’t need any sudden changes in the middle of the school year to confuse our students and parents. I think with the late start, instead of waking up at my normal time and completing my assignments, I would over sleep and not complete them,” Rabon said.