Duck Dynasty’s Martin to speak at LE’s FCA Rally


At an FCA event in the fall, seniors Sarah Hanson and Layla Duszynski lead students in worship. On May 21, Friendship Baptist’s praise band will be leading worship at the annual FCA rally.

On May 21st, the annual FCA rally will be held at 7 p.m. The purpose of this event is not only to show the love of Christ to each and every student, but to encourage fellowship among students. Along with music lead by Friendship Baptist’s praise band, this rally will include a special guest speaker — Martin from A&E’s Duck Dynasty.

  The men on Duck Dynasty are widely known for their massive beards and comical way of life while they are also known for their public display of their Christian faith. Martin makes duck calls along with the other men at Duck Commander, but he was also featured on a podcast called “End of the Line Podcast: Becoming Martin,” which is why the FCA crew decided to bring him to Lugoff to speak to the students.

  “We asked Martin to come because not only is he a great Christian speaker, but we also thought that people would recognize him and be more open to coming,” Sarah Hanson, senior and FCA officer, said.

  Martin and his family live a faith-first lifestyle, which is something the FCA officers hope will rub off on the students who attend the rally.

  “After listening to part of the podcast, I hope that he will just be himself,” Mac Thompson, senior, said. “The way he speaks so easily and with such trust in the Lord is inspiring, and I hope that he will inspire the students at the rally to live in the same way.”

  The rally is free and open to all community members who wish to attend.

In the stadium, students participate in the praise and worship portion of an FCA meeting. FCA is hosting a rally for students and their families on May 21.